Noemi Martinez is a Chicana/Bori writer slash poet slash superhero sirena living in deep South Texas-en el valle.

Jul 182014
Can we talk about this? We were always here

When Pulitzer winner writer and journalist was apprehended recently in Mcallen after trying to board an airplane, requests across twitter and facebook and blogs came out. Call ICE, call the border patrol, demand his release. He was not a priority case, he was not a threat. Within hours he was released with orders to go [...]

Jul 132014

it is happening again. I went for the longest walk by myself and it was so quiet. Nothing seemed real.

Jul 112014

I dropped my classes because that’s how depression works. There was no reason to get out of bed so I didn’t but now it’s evening and I guess I should. Do something

Jul 102014

yr stepping on my neck yr drinking the kool aid until yr the right shade of white stay in yr corner —my new poem

Jun 122014
Zine Mobile needs to Make it to the RGV

Dear community of friends, familia and supporters:    Ways to Donate:  1-A check can be mailed to us: Noemi Martinez, PO Box 1606 Weslaco, TX 78599. A check means we get 100% of the donations with no fees deducted. We are a grassroots movement and do not have a bank account in this project’s name.  2-Paypal donation/gift [...]

May 102014

with all the computers that I’ve lost and died throughout the years, I’m missing a couple of issues of my zines that I need for my upcoming book.  I’d love if my friends & readers (or zine librarians) would look through their collections and zine stacks and make me copies of my zines if they [...]

May 052014
Hermana Resist Press

Hermana Resist Press will be publishing chapbooks, books, posters and a magazine starting next year. Check out the open call for submissions and stay tuned from some rad fundraisers. Shout out to Santino J. Rivera from Broken Sword Publications for answering endless questions with detailed answers and the encouragement and everyone else who pushed me in [...]