anatomical heart venomous flight

not of birds

not of birds

   I learned today that in the valley there are no black crows. We have other types of black birds but no crows. I’ve lived here for more than twenty years and never knew that. Today I learned to listen to red flags that come as anxiety, that come as broken promises, that come as […]

Finding gloria Zine

Post by Noemi Ixchel Martinez.

poem 2

the red has left my hair don’t fall in love again  

there’s no one I can get angry with. No one I can share that with. they would be here in that comfortable way you share anger and grief and love. Can’t even be angry with him, his consistent disregard since the very beginning, is the same even now. And I won’t give him that space. […]

on being all you need

on being all you need

I have always been the one I needed most. When all this started, I mentally went through the people I had been in love with or in relationships and how different it would be if I had that support of someone. Even if that someone had wronged me in terrible ways, unforgiving even when we […]

Winter fundraising Medical related ex...

:We’ve raised so much since first asking for support when Winter became sick and was initially in a coma in early August. Now we move on rehab still away from home with expenses from living away such as food, gas, and all the other stuff you need. We are out of funds and are asking […]

Speaking in Tongues: A Letter to Thir...

Speaking in Tongues: A Letter to Third World Women Writers by Gloria Anzaldúa 21 de mayo 80 Dear mujeres de color, I feel heavy and tired and there is a buzz in my head—too many beers last night. But I must finish this letter. My bribe: to take myself out to pizza. So I cut and […]

Zine Mobile needs to Make it to the R...

Zine Mobile needs to Make it to the RGV

Dear community of friends, familia and supporters:    Ways to Donate:  1-A check can be mailed to us: Noemi Martinez, PO Box 1606 Weslaco, TX 78599. A check means we get 100% of the donations with no fees deducted. We are a grassroots movement and do not have a bank account in this project’s name.  2-Paypal donation/gift […]

looking for these zines

with all the computers that I’ve lost and died throughout the years, I’m missing a couple of issues of my zines that I need for my upcoming book.  I’d love if my friends & readers (or zine librarians) would look through their collections and zine stacks and make me copies of my zines if they […]

Hermana Resist Press

Hermana Resist Press

Hermana Resist Press will be publishing chapbooks, books, posters and a magazine starting next year. Check out the open call for submissions and stay tuned from some rad fundraisers. Shout out to Santino J. Rivera from Broken Sword Publications for answering endless questions with detailed answers and the encouragement and everyone else who pushed me in […]