courtship of bees

wendy you bring me an orchestra you play

under the sky you form silver cobwebs. you beautiful

form. slight relationship status reminds me of vehicles

and here I take bees to be human. our views remain.

someone is the object, in the house and lost,

in faith, remains.

a bridgework, ash, our bodies.-

want to curl with

mistakes and missteps. every time it rains or

the sky is gray, you stay. Mutant mechanism

living almost like humans we fail to function

inside, full blood/warm blood/artificial heart.

Leaving wilted flowers of contrived realities

shrink wrapped and grasping

Wendy full of expectation, the clear song

the clear sky, saddest lines I’ve read today.

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Noemi is a sirena, poet-curandera living in South Texas. A writer, cultural critic and historian, she enjoys paints, gesso, tattoos and eating.

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