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Etsy folks promo code you say? Use FBSTELOVE to get 15% off South Texas Experience: Love Letters when you purchase on Etsy, until Feb. 29th.

finalcoversteA photo+poem collection written by writer and poet Noemi Martinez.
Noemi Martinez wrote the zine Hermana Resist, Making of a Chicana, Aged Noise and Homespun. She also ran the distro C/S Distro, a distro for women of color zines and projects. She edited the collections Finding Gloria, Voces and MAIZ.

This collection released in December of 2015 is a map of home and the relationship with South Texas, of death and ghosts and the space that exists between borders.

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admin & queen at Hermana Resist Press
Noemi is a sirena, poet-curandera living in South Texas. A writer, cultural critic and historian, she enjoys paints, gesso, tattoos and eating.

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