Finding Gloria En El Valle Submissions

Because of a mishap with my hosting, the site of Hermana Resist Press was lost BUT…we are still looking for material for the Gloria Anzaldua Anthology! This baby will be the first production under Hermana Resist Press and it’s fitting that it focuses on the area that birthed Gloria Anzaldua.

Are you from South Texas? Never heard of the chicana dyke-feminist, tejana patlache poet, writer, and cultural theorist who was a farm worker during the summers and went to Edinburg schools until your teens? Do you feel Gloria Anzaldua was writing for you the first time you read her? Were you angry it took you all this time to finally learn who she was, that she lived in Edinburg, went to Pan Am, was from the border, that maybe it took a college class to learn her name or a pen pal or a mention in someone else’s zine or book? Do you wonder what her students thought of her when she was a student teacher at PSJA, maybe she taught your parents? I want all these stories of discovery and wonderment, these stories of betrayal at not knowing her words for so long, stories of nourishment and alimento.

*Some have asked, who can submit? Anyone who has lived, is currently living in South Texas or has strong connections to el valle and Texas.

*Tex-Mex/Spanglish is cool with us

*All ages. Work by students welcome.

Submit: Submit: 1-3 poems, micro fiction or post card fiction

Art work/ photos, poem collages, black out poetry, narrative comic: 1-3, jpg format

Essay, memoir, letter, testimonio, autohistorias, experimental writings


*Submitting an essay or article? Want to submit a pitch before you write something? Use this link

 We welcome pitches or fully-formed articles. If you are unsure about the idea and if it would fit, it’s probably better to email beforehand. 
Looking for stories and essays that combine compelling voice, journalism and research that evokes feeling and a sense of connectedness. Your writing is vulnerable, insightful, and daring. If you have an idea and want to tell a story that connects Gloria Anzaldua, dis/placement of home, the RGV, South Texas, her role as an educator/student while in the Rio Grande Valley, her eating habits in relation to Tex-Mex and the RGV, please send an email with your idea and a brief bio.

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Noemi is a sirena, poet-curandera living in South Texas. A writer, cultural critic and historian, she enjoys paints, gesso, tattoos and eating.

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