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image: Noemi shadow against red leaves

Excited to announce I’ll be the the first poet-in-residence over at Yellow Chair Review. My first poem is up, titled Witness: on tejana borderland chicana tongues on fire. Eventually I’ll be opening up to receving submissions and maybe even presenting poem prompts.
Maybe it’s the historian in me that makes me want document so many in poems. Those from the RGV, el valle, the border
the elote lady in the van who offered to buy my van
the little dollar tree on sunday nights were every one does their compras for the week

I’ve been thinking on how we tell the stories of the valley, the production of these stories, who tells them, who teached them how they are presented and for what purpose and through what lens.

“Poetry is a political act because it involves telling the truth.” ? June Jordan

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Noemi is a sirena, poet-curandera living in South Texas. A writer, cultural critic and historian, she enjoys paints, gesso, tattoos and eating.

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