S.alt Media Review

Hello, I am working on creating a zine that reviews POC and WOC (People of color and Women of color) written zines and projects.

I’m looking for zines by people of color to review in an upcoming review zine featuring zines and alt media written/produced by people of color. My name is Noemi Martinez and I wrote Hermana, Resist and a few others and ran C/S Tiendita. I’m looking to showcase zines and projects by people of color. I’d also like to include  in depth articles, essays and pieces on zines, zine collections and the histories of alternative media as it pertains to people of color. Being a lover of diy ethics and edupunk, if you have integrated zines into your curriculum, classroom and lessons, I’d love to include your philosophy, how you were able to work zines (by people of color! as part of history!) into your class.

*For the first issue, I’m also looking for essays from mujeres (women of color) describing how the WOC zinesters of the late 90s and early 2000 influenced you. With Race Riot 2 and Evolution of a Race Riot becoming available by digital format now, I’d like pieces written about the content of these zines but also the ways in which these influenced our productions and projects, education and writing.


Artwork would be cool too. S.alt Media Review will be released 3-4 a year.

Let’s work on the first issue! So in review, get in touch with me if you’d like to collaborate as a writer, editor or artist -and funding! Funding is always a needed thing.


*I’ll be publishing this under  Hermana Resist Press, please go here for submission info. 

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