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Noemí is a queer crip chronically ill poet-curandera mixed media artist, writer, historian and cultural worker with Mexican and Caribbean roots.


Getting to know me

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in this crip space

being crip influences every aspect of my personal and creative life. It has shaped my perspective, fostered resilience, and fueled my passion for disability rights and inclusivity.


tlacuache as a beauty mascot

A long-time zinester, I’m interested in alt.media, subcultures, diy culture, edupunk, solar punk, and indigenous issues. I’m passionate about exploring crip/sick and autistic identity in queer and POC spaces, queer and nonbinary/trans identity, borderland studies, and women of color in zine and grrrl history, as well as 1st gen Mexican & 1st gen Puerto Rican identity. I’m dedicated to preserving border history and saving the flora, fauna, and ocelots of the Rio Grande Valley.

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 I am deeply committed to intersectionality, recognizing that my experiences as a crip queer sometimes weirdo are shaped by multiple dimensions of identity.



I am the first daughter of a Mexican bracero worker who came to the United States as a a bracero under the guest worker program & of a Puerto Rican woman who came to the US as a young girl with her family because of colonialism and imperialism in the Caribbean.



 I was a high school dropout because of an undiagnosed learning disability & everything that comes with living in a small town in the RGV with no support for neurodivergent kids growing up in the 80s & 90s. eventually finished my bachelor’s degree after 12 years of living crip, chronically ill, navigating systems of oppression, working poor, and being a single parent.


star dust

Through my art, writing, and projects, I reclaim the space that is often taken away from magical crip people in art, writing, and media.

zines in the RGV

I created and organized the first zine fest in the RGV, about 2006.

I ran a travelling library zine, CAFE Revolucion, in the RGV, out of two suitcases. Sometimes I brought coffee cups and snacks.

I ran workshops and platicas around the RGV on Art that Heals, blackout poetry and events about partner violence and DV. 

a counter-narrative

I reject the notion of disabled bodies/ crip bodies as objects to be pitied or romanticized. Instead, I present a counter-narrative that celebrates shows our true selves. We don’t always have agency, we don’t always have autonomy, sometimes we must be dependent on others. 

By defying societal expectations of who we should be and how we should be, we reshape the narrative and redefine what it means to be living crip.

in action

Just like queer theory, I believe crip theory is performed through practice. It’s about dismantling ableism and advocating for crip justice in tangible ways. 

It’s also about just living. Because that is enough; no one expects it.

in space

For several years I ran a distro for zines and work created by women and people of color (Chicana Stuff then later named C/S Distro). About 20 years ago, I started and ran a site and forum called chicanawriters.com. I met some amazing writers through the forum. 


for fun I try to keep plants alive, play with gesso and matte medium,  research, question my love for scifi, robots/tech/androids and escapism, try to go into REM sleep, create/creations, not be allergic to things, love and dream of futures.


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