Noemi lives in the texas/mexico borderlands, birth place of Gloria Anzaldua.

I’m a long time zinester interested in alt.media, diy, edupunk, veg*n baking, indigenous issues, queer theory and reclamation, mestiza identity, borderland studies, women of color in alt media, raising brown boys, invisible disabilities, Mexican American/chican@ history, Texas/mexico border history, raising spitfire chicanas, single parenting in alt cultures.

for fun I tend to burn plants, play with gesso and matte medium, invent recipes, research, question my love for scifi, robots and escapism, try to go into REM sleep, dye my hair red, kill zombies, dream of tattoos, create/creations, not be allergic to things, love and  dream of futures.

I have an undergrad degree from UT-El Paso and a master’s in writing and history. One day I will finish this master’s certificate in Mexican American Studies.

I started a micropress and am experimenting with it here.

In the past, I’ve organized community events for survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault. I received a small grant from Philly Pissed! for the work we did with Voices Against Violence, which included Art that Heals workshops, writing to heal, zines, and vigils. I received a grant from TAASA (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault) for work we did with Voices Against Violence.
I’ve worked as a human trafficking outreach coordinator for Texas Riogrande Legal Aid and as a Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) advocate.

I founded and directed two community groups, CAFE Revolucion and Voice Against Violence. I along with two other community members founded the Gloria Anzaldua Legacy Project. For several years I ran a distro for zines and work created by women and people of color (Chicana Stuff then later named C/S Distro). About 12 years ago, I started and ran a site and forum called chicanawriters.com. I met some amazing writers through the forum, many writers whom I had admired and loved. For a couple of years I was involved in the Allied Media Conference, when they first started having child care on site. I presented a couple of times on zines and media and women of color created media. As part of SPEAK! a group of radical women of color comprised of mujeres from different states, we created zines, curriculum and a spoken word CD.

Noemi @ event Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center, San Benito, TX

Recent publications:

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