Acquisitions and Permissions

 Many universities and institutions have budgets for zine and material acquisitions. The Zine Librarians Code of Ethics encourages purchasing zines to demonstrate respect for the value of a zinester’s work. As far as the material I have created, I do not give permission to make unauthorized copies even if the material is out of print. Purchasing any of my collections from third parties more than likely means they are unauthorized copies and others are profiting from my work. If you are purchasing or acquiring my zines or material I have created from a third party, please ensure they are original copies and not unauthorized copies.

If you need info about which of my zines and materials are available and you need this info for an acquisition request form, please email me a copy of the form.

Re/writing Histories

If you would like to donate for the expenses of creating zines and would like a set of materials [available titles will vary depending on what I have available] I have created in the past, please see donation link here.

creating materials

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If your radical institution or center would like a set of my zines or material and does not have a budget, please send me an email. 


None of the material I have created used copyleft or creative commons usage. All of the work I created is copyrighted material. 

Permissions: I require advance permission if any of the work I have created or materials are to be used for research purposes, displays, in academic papers, articles, books, collections, any social media; either brief excerpts or images or longer citations.
Common courtesy practices: Notice of citations in social media, print, academic papers or research, including a zine cover, zine name, poem name or section name.
Common courtesy practices: Please mail or email a copy of the publication, book, podcast where any of my work or materials I have created have been quoted, cited or my work, ideas, life, poetry, or the entirety of my work has been used. I will publicly shame any writer, researcher, journalist or academic who uses my name, work, or likeness and does not provide these common courtesies.

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Researchers and journalists:  Researchers and journalists should get in touch directly with the creators of the work they are citing, especially if they extensively use their ideas, work, framework, lives and words to supplement or as the basis of their research.

Distros: Do not have my permission to sell or make unauthorized copies of any of my zines or materials, anthologies or collections I have created.

Online archives: Do not have my permission to store any of my zines, material, comp zines, collections or anthologies I have created. This includes keeping online copies in a school directory, even behind password protection or for class projects.

Online zine collections:  Do not have my permission to store any of my zines, material, comp zines, collections or anthologies I have created.

Monthly book and zine distribution subscriptions: Do not have my permission to include any of my work, material or collections I have created. Do not have permission to use any images of material, zines or collections I have created in their advertisements, social media, pages, print material or other new media.

Professors and Instructors and teachers:  Do not have my permission of making multiple copies of any of my collections for class purposes with the exception of copies of a single page. Please contact me for permission. Common courtesy request when my work, zines or materials I have created are used in your class or syllabus.


For more information on the Zine Librarian Code of Ethics:…/EthicsZine-rev-20151105.pdf

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