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There is a mythology to this accidental

lapse in consciousness;

IMAG2556 1 2
IMAG2556 1 2
Stitched Rods And Paint
Black Out Poetry

black out poetry

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Noemi lives in the texas/mexico borderlands, birth place of Gloria Anzaldua.


For fun Noemi tend to burn plants, play with gesso and matte medium, write poetry, research, question scifi, robots and escapism, try to go into REM sleep, dream of tattoos, create/creations, not be allergic to things, love and  dream of futures.


noemi is a magical crip poet-curanderx mixed media artist& writer single mami Caribbean Chicanx sirenx femme

Recent Projects
Mixed Media Art

Mixed Media Art

You can find some of my mixed media art @ Catrina Creations…

Independent Researcher

Independent researcher

Expert Critique Services Looking for a sensitivity reader? I look for offensive…

Hermanx Resist Press

Hermanx Resist Press

Hermanx Resist Press is a micropress that publishes and promotes works by women…



I edit #nof!ckingborderwall. Now reading for our second issue, #nof!ckingborderwall is a…

Bio Book

bio book

I created this bio book for my poetry and art shows that…

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