Resistencia y Rebeldía:
Perspectivas Crip

Shifting between Dialects:
Art from the Spaces In-between

nm in snow in dec

Honor each other as we are adaptive-assertive becoming; operating within multidimensional networks of realities and blueprints that enable and hinder the states of our existences and intersections

bodies are artificial constructs that divide us from the galaxy and stars

this is crip space

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we sketch crip realities in worlds not made for us


Living is an act of defiance


Welcome to my space, where I celebrate the resilience, creativity, and transformative power of being a crip artist. The phrases you’ll encounter here, like ‘This is crip space,’ and ‘Living is an act of defiance,’ are my way of challenging traditional perceptions of disability. They acknowledge the complex realities I navigate, the spaces I claim, and the worlds I reimagine. I believe that my body does not limit me but serves as a unique vessel for experiencing, contributing to, and transcending the physical and societal spaces I inhabit. ‘Crip space’ and ‘magicmaker’ are declarations of my agency, my capacity to effect change, and my inherent worth. While I honor the challenges I face, I also assert my capacity for adaptive, assertive becoming. Here, I am not just surviving — I am thriving.

In my writing, I explore the concept that our ‘bodies are artificial constructs that divide us from the galaxy and stars.’ This is not intended to diminish the importance or reality of physical existence or the unique experiences of being in a body, especially as a crip individual. Instead, it’s a way of expressing that our physical forms do not restrict our minds, our spirits, or our capacity to dream and create. It’s a call to recognize and transcend any societal limitations placed on us because of our bodies, to assert our right to imagine and inhabit spaces beyond the physical, and to claim our place among the galaxies and stars.