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nm in snow in dec

I write poems on walls that crumble and fall
I talk to shadows that sleep and go away crying.

Salinas (1937–2008)

Stay focused & never give up!

this is crip space

Re/writing Histories

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I’m open to collaborations, consulting opportunities, and submissions. I am available for sensitivity reading, cultural consulting, and featuring my mixed media, writing, and poetry. Let's discuss terms, payment, and timelines.


I offer expert authenticity checks, research assistance, and diversity editing services, drawing from my extensive knowledge and experience in neurodiversity, parenting on the spectrum, accessibility, mental health, chronic illness, crip and queer identity, Rio Grande Valley history, borderland culture, and environmental degradation activism. My fluency in English, Spanish, Spanglish, Chicanx code-switching, first-generation Latinx code-switching, and language from the Rio Grande Valley allows me to provide comprehensive support across varied contexts. Let's collaborate and create impactful and inclusive content that resonates with your audience.


If you are interested in featuring my mixed media, writing, or poetry, I am open to discussing the terms of use, licensing, and any project or publication requirements. Please provide some details, and let's explore the possibilities. Please feel free to reach out to discuss your ideas, project proposals, or any other inquiries.

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he tenido en mi mano las estrellas. Canción Amarga, Julia de Burgos

Let’s Collaborate

My deep fascination with creative exploration and dreaming of a better world, as well as my knowledge of social justice, pop culture, anti-capitalism, and edupunk, inspire my work in mixed media art, poetry, and writing and serve as the basis for my consulting advocacy, including sensitivity reading and diversity editing. My interests, ADHD, and hopes for crips in all spaces fuel my work. I firmly believe in the potential of art and storytelling to resist oppressive systems and drive transformation, which motivates me to engage in new projects. Let’s collaborate on yours. If you have any project ideas, please reach out!

Are you interested in collaborating on a project? I'm open to partnering on creating artwork, developing content, and exploring the connections between disability, social justice, and environmental consciousness.

In addition to collaborating on new projects, I am also open to submitting my work to ongoing projects that align with my values and artistic vision. If you have an opportunity where my mixed media art, writing, or poetry can make a difference, I would love to talk about terms, payment, and other details.

Please contact me with your ideas, proposals, or any questions you may have.

Re/writing Histories

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For any inquiries please email

hermanaresistpress at gmail dot com


I am dedicated to broadening representation and opportunities across platforms, with the goal of making art accessible and inspiring for everyone. Please keep in mind that I must be compensated fairly for my time and efforts when considering any collaboration or consultation.

When contacting me

Include key points like subject, audience, stage, goals, expectations, and tech specs when you start discussing a new project or engagement. This will help us talk more and focus on our potential collaboration. If you're considering featuring my mixed media art, writing, or poetry in various platforms, provide an overview of the intended use, type of audience, timeline, format, any licensing consideration, potential impacts, royalties or rights requirements.

I am just a lil star (kelis)

I can be reached via email most of the time and I am usually most responsive during my business hours which are not normal business hours. For accessibility, I communicate better via email or text, but can do other methods for accessibility or tech difficulties. I can usually respond within two working days, but I work and live on crip time and am a working crip person, so I have busy periods or periods of rest where I might take longer to respond.

I was a teenage weirdo

As my work is anchored on ethical principles, anti-oppression, and other "wild ideas" as outlined in my artist statement and my about me page, projects opposing these values or that oppose these narratives are not a good fit.

It was the circumstance, I got the power from (kelis)

Due to the increased health risks and complications associated with COVID-19, I am currently not available for in-person travel for poetry readings, writing workshops, or lectures. However, I have adapted my engagements to virtual platforms and have been actively participating in Zoom and online events. I am open to exploring alternative methods of collaboration, such as virtual workshops, online lectures, or other digital platforms that allow for meaningful interaction and engagement. Please feel free to reach out to discuss how we can connect and collaborate in a way that prioritizes safety and accessibility.

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